Figbeats Lyrics


Doctor, I've got nowhere left to turn
My throat constricts, I sweat, my stomach burns

I can't chew off what I bite
It feels like something just ain't right
Gotta sickness inside me, but you already know this (whoa whoa whoa)

I wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna diagnosis, oh yeah,
I wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna

Put me under, check out my insides
What goes down must come back up sometimes

Bad List

Get your shoes on, gonna go downtown
Better put your mittens on, it's gonna get cold
I saw a bear claw, and a chainsaw
A little reckless, a little too bold

And I don't know, if you know,
What I'm talking about now
And I don't know, if you're ever gonna
Figure it out now

Try to reach you, in the distance
You're looking see-through, I'm losin' interest
Never teach you, I need a witness
I would eat you, put me on the bad list

Time to wake up, fill your plate up
Better shape up, it don't take long
Take an airplane, take an el train
Shake your tambourine and sing another song

I'm a Rat

In the Northwest corner of the "Crossroads of America"
The cornfields they give way to windswept beach and steel mill sky
I've slept out on that sand, I held my girl within my hands
While we gazed across the waves to where that windy city lies

The sunset fades to pink behinds the smog
I drive by burned-out factories and packs of wild dogs
But when I sit down by the lake, there's a beauty you can't fake
The Region has a hold on me that I can't shake

Im a rat, I'm a rat, I'm a rat, I'm a rat (yeah yeah yeah...)
I'm a rat, I'm a rat, I'm a rat, Im a rat (yeah yeah yeah...)
The cross I bear, the badge of pride, the feather in my hat (and I said)
I'm a rat, I'm a rat, I'm a rat, I'm a rat

Underrepresented on the Governor's agenda
Politically divergent, demographically distinct
I feel no sense of shame, 'bout our locality's nickname
Us Region Rats ain't all the same, but we don't think the way you think


I have never been so out of words yet had so much to say
Some things right now are just as good as they will ever be
The days they come and go Like the wind off of the farm
as it passes through my window and the sun beats on my arm

and that's not bad not like it was
not like it would be without a little fuzz
around the edges where it hurts
touch me gently be my first

I hear a bang and turn the wheel I feel a pulling to my left
I almost hit that fuckin minivan but somehow I did my best
And now I'm jacking up the back and I'm watching it all roll by
I look up at the clouds and get a stone kicked in my eye

and that's not bad not like it was
not like it could be we all need a little fuzz
around the edges where it hurts
touch me gently be my first

Now I'm coming home to you and I know that you'll be there
after all that we've been through you still run your fingers through my hair.
and we'll talk about the news and the days events
when I tell you you're beautiful and you'll know just what I meant

and that's not bad not like it was
not like it would be without your love
around the edges where it hurts
you touch me gently you were my first

Yes I know that you are beautiful
You touch me gently you were my first

Your Ghost

I heard those footsteps, behind me, baby
I turned around, ain't nothing there
I head a creakin' down the hallway, sugar
There's something creeping up my stairs
I live alone in my isolation, baby
But your ghost is everywhere

2000 times I called your name, 2000 times I cried
A million more times, still the same, cause I never get no reply
Your spectral presence still remains, like my head's caught in rewind
Lost everything else when you walked away, so I might as well lose my mind (now I say...)


Better learn to live with what you got
Kitchenette's gonna get a little hot
You never know when you should say when
Your wings are made of paraffin

I don't know what to say to you (oh yeah)

Sometimes enough just ain't enough
You kids always gotta play so rough
Somebody's always calling all your bluffs
Sometimes enough just ain't enough

(verse 2) Never read the fine print to find the catch
You count your birds before they hatch
Gotta learn that you can't believe that hype
Rot away before you're even ripe


When it gets too hot
Who'll fire the first shot
Maybe I won't, baby if you don't
And when it all goes wrong
Who'll sing the sad song
Well if you don't, baby I won't

It's been the same since who knows when
That same old argument again
But if I love you more than you hate me
Let's try to sidestep World War III

I know you're sorry 'bout my head
And I never meant those things I said
And if you've got no better place to be
You might as well come home with me


Let the words come down through me and get me out of the way
cause this is the purest thing that i ever hope to say
with all the clutter of my clever thinking and
jokes to be made
the noise has me sinking yeah i'm sinking
And though I may have been gifted with heightened awareness
of moods as they change she couldn't care less
and I

I only wanted to tell her goodbye
I only wanted to tell her goodbye

I can see myself saying the things that I think I should be
like my favorite resentment it all unfolds before me
I am holding your hand as you cry It is what's now showing in my mind
as i hover above and float near the ceiling
You hold my cold hand you say I'm unfeeling

I only wanted to tell her goodbye
I didn't want to be unkind

Now I'm screaming inside but i think that i'm protecting
you from the truth that you're already suspecting
So i compose a credible ending
with logic and blocking but I am pretending
And thanks to my talents you draw the conclusion
that it's best for us both but it is i who is losing you...

i'm unfolding ... i'm unfolding...

Close up the curtains and turn out the lights
I have poorly scripted most of my life
It's my last run on broadway this is my final call
this act runs forever and i'm winging it all
I want to walk around corners and see midgets on stilts
I want scary music to precede my guilt
I want beginnings that end I want stars that die
I want mysteries that never tell why...

i'm unfolding ... i'm unfolding..

Probable Cause

I know that something ain't right
I heard a scream in the night
I'm picking up on the clues
I'm getting closer to you

If it's the last thing I do
I'll get you into my claws, I've got...

Probable cause (x4)

You've got a trick up your sleeve
You're getting hard to believe
I saw the tracks of your shoes
I'm getting closer to you

Uncovering your ambitions
Bearing out my suspicions
I'm on to you

That's Alright

I don't know exactly how it did begin
But I know I'm barely on my feet again
Just to pay my bills, might have to steal and borrow
And I don't know where I might lay my head tomorrow

But I know I feel alright, and I'm still here tonight
Yeah, we're all here tonight, and that's alright

I woke up in 1995
From a long strange dream and I finally felt alive
The path laid out for me had gotten stale
So I finally started blazing my own trail
So I broke out with reckless energy
Thought the whole world was an oyster just for me
Till I woke up on the wrong side of the steel
Then I had to find out how to make my way for real

I broke down again in 2 aught 3
I felt the whole wide world was rising up at me
My days out in the sun had turned to night
And I had no grand escape plan in my sight
But I finally picked myself up off the floor
And I don't know what tomorrow has in store
These days I hold perfection in my hands
But I know it might all just slip right through again